It was shared on AsiaOne that there were 6 million durians consumed by Singaporeans in the first half of 2018. This was because of the huge drop in prices with an abundance of durians shipped to Singapore due to the good weather conditions in Malaysia. 

While some might enjoy going down to the physical store to pick and enjoy eating your durians onsite, the seating area is normally outdoors and cramped. It might be uncomfortable for some and will be harder to cater to larger groups of people as these stalls won’t accept reservations beforehand. 

While takeaway is an option, some people might not want to stink up their cars with durians and it is inconvenient for people who do not have their own transport as they are not allowed to be carried onto public transport vehicles in Singapore. 

This could be the reason why more Singaporeans are turning to durian delivery services to cater to their durian cravings. There are many durian delivery options for you to choose from and they all make it very convenient and easy to have fresh durian delivered to your doorstep. 

Here are some tips to enjoy your durian via delivery

1. Be knowledgeable about durian types 

The Mao Shan Wang (猫山王)
Mao Shan Wang (Old Tree)
Golden Phoenix aka (金凤)
D13 Durian / Red Prawn 
Creamy Texture Sweet and rich flavour Mild bitternessThick fleshStickyOccasionally small seededBeautiful yellow fleshSweet and creamy Not as thick and sticky as MSW Pale white yellowish colourThick fleshSmaller seedsStrong, bitter and sweet taste 
Light orange colourSweet and bitter Lighter tasteThinner flesh Has large seeds 

2. Ensure that the durians are fresh 

Pick a delivery service that is not more than 3 hours. This ensures that the durians remain as fresh as possible from when they are plucked, dehusked, packaged and shipped to your home. You can do this by checking the colour of the flesh and the aroma when you first received it. 

3. Delivery hours 

Depending on the store, they have different delivery hours. Some services offer all day delivery while some only operate at night. Take note of the order time as well as some places have cut off times for delivery before the products are delivered the next day instead. 

4. Delivery fee 

Most places offer a minimum delivery of a certain amount in order to deliver. Some places will choose to impose a minimum spending amount of the total order or a minimum weight requirement to deliver. It is important to check these fees before you place your order. 

5. Weight of the durian 

More often than not, the durian is normally dehusked and put into styrofoam containers. As such, they will indicate the weight of the product along with the weight of the actual durian with its shell. Ensure that you are not losing out on the product and are receiving a reasonable amount of durian in your packet. 

6. Source of durian

Durians are usually shipped from Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia, identify stores that are honest about the source of their durians. Authentic places will clearly indicate its product origins such as Durian Express Delivery which harvests durian from its own durian plantation in Malaysia Pahang. 

7. Good customer service

A dependable durian delivery service will offer refund or replacement guarantees to ensure that you have a good experience every time. The delivery service should not at any point in time compromise the quality and freshness of the durians therefore, if you face any issues, the service should be able to clarify your concerns quickly and proceed with the appropriate protocol.

Where to get started? 

Ordering anything, especially food, online requires a certain amount of trust with the middleman responsible for the delivery. 

Durian Express Delivery is a reliable and experienced service provider that provides exquisite quality durian island wide on the same day to your home or office. We keep our prices low with our solely owned durian plantation in Malaysia Pahang. 

We specially handpick the durians to ensure the quality and freshness before delivering them right to your doorstep to enjoy with your friends and family. Have a durian craving? Get it settled now! Call us at +65 8116 8890 or Email us at

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